Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finding the Right fit!

After I finished my first training plan, the Couch to 5K, I took a little break from training.  It was summer, and it was hot, and I had a few trips to make up and down the east coast.  Once fall was on the horizon I started thinking more about what to do next.  I had finished two 5Ks and at that point and was ready to try something new.

I signed up for a 6K!  I didn't know they had them.  This one was called Real Girls Run 6K.  I thought is sounded neat.  Instead of taking on a new plan, my plan was to run 3 times a week.  Try to run at least 3 miles each run. So, that is what I did.  I tried a run or two that was longer, but not much. Once race time was here I felt ready.  I did walk a bit on the last 2K, but still finished in a decent time. I think that perhaps I should have tried running a few practice 6K!

After that race, dh wanted to try an 8K. It sounded cool being at an amusement park and you got a free ticket to come back in the spring. So, I started running a little further on my runs. I was doing between 4-5 miles on my long runs and 3-4 miles on my easy runs.  I can't say training went perfect.  The race was the first weekend of December and there was Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas planning all in there. Not too mention trying to plan on January trip to Disney. I completed the race and I wasn't last and I was happy.

I took off about a month before really I started back running 3X a week.  I downloaded a few training programs I thought I would try. I thought I would try  Jeff Galloway 10K training program. It was pretty basic and easy to follow...and follow I did not.  I didn't have a race to train for, so I really just couldn't get into it.  It was a simple enough plan! It just didn't fit me.  I needed something with more variety.  And some of the runs were shorter than I had been running.  So, again I just went with running 3X a week for 3 miles at a time and doing weight training 3X a week with dh.

It wasn't until a parent of one of my preschoolers I teach introduced to the book Run Like a Mother that I finally started formulating a plan.  I borrowed the book and laughed and really connected with much of the content of the book.  It was a real eye opener.  The parent told me they were just releasing a new book, Train Like a Mother. So, I ran (drove, really) to Barnes and Noble and bought the book. As soon as I started reading it and checking out the 5k and 10k plans I just new I found the right training plan.  The shoe fit!

The best part of the training plans they have is that they include 2 for each distance. The first plan is best for someone who just wants to finish the specific distance.  The second plan is for someone who wants to kill it! I like that the plan includes more than just run 3-4X a week.  It includes things such as strides and tempo runs!  And even has days where they suggest a "fun" workout!  (I recently had one of those days and did Just Dance on the Wii for an hour!) I like the different runs because it gives me something different to do than just run 5 miles. I have to think about time and distance.

My next race is just weeks away...running the same race I ran for the first time in and I really hope my training pays off.  3 more weeks of training!  And one of them includes a 7 mile run!  I am nervous and excited!

To check out more information on Run Like a Mother: Another Mother Runner
And they are on facebook too! Run Like a mother

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  1. Glad to find your blog (thanks for commenting on mine)! Good luck with your training. I look forward to reading about all your adventures with running and training for the Princess Half! ;)