Friday, July 20, 2012

June...where did it go?

I haven't post in a bit about my running due to a month disappearing from my life. A week after my 5k in May I got a phone call from my mother. She called on a Thursday morning and I remember it so well because she never calls during the week. She called to tell me my step dad had a stroke. She didn't know too much about what it meant, but he was in the hospital and was not doing well. I was shocked. My mom didn't want me flying down yet till they knew more even though i was ready to go that day.

Within a day or two we were told it was a massive stroke on his left side. He had no movement on his right and no speech. On Monday he was moved to rehab and I made the flight down on WEdnesday night. It has heartbreaking seeing him like that. If you have never had to deal with stroke I hope you never do. I felt helpless and small. There was nothing I could do and I have never seen my dad like that. He couldn't feed himself, or use the bathroom or really communicate. I arrived when he was receiving therapy and the therapist got him to sing Happy Birthday and say a few words. By the next day he was feeding himself a little and even teasing us, non-verbally. I really thought he was making progress!

Friday came and it was like Thursday didn't happen. He seems less responsive and was sleeping most of the day. By the time I had to fly out Saturday he wasn't responsive at all. Something wasn't right. On Sunday I got the call from my mom that they moved him to hospice. She signed a DNR and we were told they would make him as comfortable as possible. Monday at 3:00 pm, my dad passed with my mom at his side. He went to be with God and his grandma. I know he is no longer in pain and I will join him one day. I do miss him so much already.

My daughters and I drove down Thursday and my brothers joined us on Saturday. My dad's ashes were released in the Gulf of Mexico just as he wanted. It was a sunny, warm day and was very peaceful. It was also nice to have all of us together in one place. Things will get better, but I still have moments when I just don't believe it.

To top of the rest of June a huge storm came through and we lost power for 4 days. Needless to say I am glad June is gone and July is here...even if it means half my summer is gone already.  I have been running through all this as it really has been helping me.

I am signed up for 2 half marathons! The Danville half marathon in October and The Princess Half Marathon in February!  I am into my second week of training for my first half marathon and it is going well. More to come!

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  1. Sorry to hear about all of this :( So hard! I am running the Disney Princess Half too so I'm excited to see you are too. Take care and good luck to you!