Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good Runner...Bad Blogger.

It doesn't matter how hard I try, or how many lists I make, I can never stick to this blogging thing. I start off with good intentions, really, I do. Then life takes over just like I am sure it does for most people. I promised myself, of the three blogs I started, this would be the one I would definitely keep up with. I am going through a transformation and I want to remember it, share it, BLOG it! Right?? Well, it seems the last time I posted was over a year ago. Since then I have done many things.

First, I ran a half marathon! Actually, I have now run 3!!! I did run the Danville Half Marathon last October and was very proud of myself. I mean, I struggled through Couch 2 5k. I barely made it 3 miles and now I have run 13.1.  I did it in a nice time too: 2:36:38. It was hard. It was humid. But it was fun. And I did it! No picture and no medal. But it was still something I will never forget.

I ran an 8k in December 2012 and beat my time from the previous year by 4 minutes!

Then I ran the Princess Half Marathon in February 2013.This is the reason I wanted to run 13 miles...to run the princess half. I always figured if I were to run that far, I need to do it at Disney! I didn't PR, but really, who runs a Disney race to PR? I ran it to have fun and fun I did have. I met some friends I met on Facebook and we stayed together and ran together and had the best time ever.

My friend Lori and I stopped for lots of pictures along the way and really enjoyed running 13.1 miles together. It will probably remain as my favorite race I ever ran EVER. And no, I didn't pay for the ridiculous overpriced pics. I spent enough on the race, room and food! But the medal is awesome!!

After the princess I took a short hiatus as I was tired from training. I did some Insanity, ran some short runs and took it easy. And while taking this short hiatus I signed up for 3 more races. I decided I wanted to run the Diva Half Marathon...looked like dun, you get a TIARA and a BOA and a MEDAL! And there was to be champagne at the end. What else could a girl want?? (I promise to blog about that experience very soon.) I signed up for the Philly Half Marathon because dh wanted to run the full and I wanted to run another race with my princess running buddy!! And then...I did something I never thought I would EVER do..... I.....signed up....for........


I told DH if I were ever to run a full it would have to be at Disney. So, in January I will be running my first, and most likely only, full marathon at Disney. I am terrified, but excited! And so happy I am doing it in my happy place!

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  1. Yay! glad you decided to blog. I look forward to reading more. Love ya!